Comedy of Errors

Chesapeake Shakespeare Co.

“Kelsey Painter, as Dromio of Syracuse, stands out as well for her nimble physicality and likeable connection with the audience”

Devil Dog Six

Venus Theatre Playshack

“Much of the weight of the production falls upon Kelsey Painter as the young jockey and she gives a strong performance.  She portrays Devon as stubborn and willful, generally likeable but also prone to being pushy due to the passions of an obsessed 18-year-old.  She and Matthew Marcus also have a nice romantic chemistry, both in their relationships as a woman & her man and as a woman and her horse.”

Mr. Marmalade

Stillpointe Theatre Initiative

“Lucy (Kelsey Painter) is an enigmatic anomaly. Painter finds the perfect balance between her character’s impetuous and tempestuous youth and the grown up words with which the text has provided her. The physical way in which Painter makes her character a four-year-old toddler is stunning; creating the illusion of true childlike innocence in her body while maintaining the reality of an adult. These two opposing forces; naïve childlike behavior with adult text, are a bubbling mixture that Painter transforms into a fascinating portrayal of the work.”

Grieving for Genevieve

Venus Theatre Playshack

“The most subtle and interesting performance in the show was by Kelsey Painter as the youngest daughter and nun, Angel.  I don’t know where Ms. Painter is from, but she was the only actress to even attempt to use the Baltimore accent, which really added to the character and the lower class struggle that the family came from.  There were nice moments of humor that she added as well, such as every time she lit up a cigarette she would cross herself as if she had just finished a prayer.”

Gift of Forgotten Tongues

“Painter is a pistol right from the off, but is not without a deeply dynamic duality … Painter embodies the edgy savant with a cataclysmic ease. It is apparent to everyone that her character is deeply troubled … Listening to Painter ramble off the various languages her character knows fluently has you almost convinced that she knows most of them personally. She creates an abrasive exterior … But once she becomes involved with the mutes there is a softer side of Painter’s character that burbles to the surface; something serene and tranquil that possesses a global understanding of language and existence.”


Play Nice

Venus Theatre Playshack

“The tension ratchets up scene by scene, with most of the acting credit going to relative newcomer Kelsey Painter who turns in an excellent performance as Isabelle, the hyperactive youngest child.”

Jack and the Beanstalk

Pumpkin Theatre

“Daisy the Cow (Kelsey Painter) is a real treat to have as a best friend … Painter never ‘speaks’ but does all of her communication through ‘mooing.’ But with Painter’s expressive eyes and gestures, and the way she forces emotions into her moos, it is easy to tell her feelings on various situations. It also creates a great deal of humor for the audience to watch her communicating so effectively with nothing but her moo.”

Following Sarah

Venus Theatre Playshack

“I can tell that actress Kelsey Painter always does her homework because her performances are very thoughtful.  Here she has the leading role as Sarah Gardner.”


Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse

Pumpkin Theatre

“Lilly (Kelsey Painter) is a bright bubbly ball of excitement who nuzzles her way into the peapod making it a three-pod of friends. Painter radiates joyful exuberance and is constantly in motion, be it running around or tumbling cartwheels. Painter is a delight for the children to watch because she’s so wrapped up in the reality of her young character; really finding that jovial youthful nature and making it accessible to everyone watching.”

Merchant of Venice

Chesapeake Shakespeare Co.

“Kelsey Painter, who played a convincing Emily Webb in CSC’s production of Our Town, is astonishingly good as the fool, Lancelot Gobbo – a characterization as far away from Emily Webb as you can get. She bets the house on an audacious interpretation and runs away with it.”


Cohesion Theatre Co.

“The production’s other standout performer is Painter, who sparkles not only as the weepy wife but also as the fiery leader of the protesters and as Aufidius’ clownish servant. She’s a tiny woman with waist-length hair, but her talent is huge and deserves a role of equal size. “